Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

I swear every time I turn around people are saying how much I will miss them when they gone or some variation of that. You know my answer to that every time? Yeah right, I ain't gonna miss you. you gonna miss me that's why you saying that.

To all those people who say this, what is your intent? What about you is so miss-able? Why should we miss you? I think the people who say this should all take a look at their lives and think about why people should miss them. I'm not saying that people aren't special and all that, but wherever we found you, I guarantee it that someone else is just like you.

And when saying this, be prepared for for the worst. Be prepared for that person to say bye and not miss you. Be prepared for the same hurt you are trying to inflict on them. Because isn't that what you're saying that for? To hurt them emotionally to where they will want you back, right? So be prepared to not be missed and find someone new.

To those who get told this (my category), what did you do to to deserve this treatment? Are you taking them for granted? What about them will you miss, if anything at all? I feel likk the people who get told this, generally don't care or mind if you walk out. Unless you are a main person in someones life we won't care that you left. In fact, we probably won't even have a hiccup in our life without you.

When being told this step back and think about what you have done to deserve this though. Its obvious this person is fed up and ready to leave, so what about you is this person tired of? What are your actions saying? do they differ from what you tell this person? You gotta take in all the facts when someone tells you this.

And if this is a person who you love and value, get right with them. Show them that yes you do miss them and want them back in your life. When dealing with people you care about, lose your pride. It will only fuck things up worse.

Its a difference between if a booty ckall tells you this or your wife. You have to know boundaries and have respect for the person. If you know that a person is easily angered over a subject don't constantly bring it up, especially if this is a person who you enjoy having conversations with. Make sense?

So in conclusion, know what you value, know your limits, know what type of people you want in your life and most importantly, keep a mutual respect. Where there's no respect, boundaries get crossed and people lose people. Either it was worth it or not, the ckhoicke is in your hands.

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