Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

I swear every time I turn around people are saying how much I will miss them when they gone or some variation of that. You know my answer to that every time? Yeah right, I ain't gonna miss you. you gonna miss me that's why you saying that.

To all those people who say this, what is your intent? What about you is so miss-able? Why should we miss you? I think the people who say this should all take a look at their lives and think about why people should miss them. I'm not saying that people aren't special and all that, but wherever we found you, I guarantee it that someone else is just like you.

And when saying this, be prepared for for the worst. Be prepared for that person to say bye and not miss you. Be prepared for the same hurt you are trying to inflict on them. Because isn't that what you're saying that for? To hurt them emotionally to where they will want you back, right? So be prepared to not be missed and find someone new.

To those who get told this (my category), what did you do to to deserve this treatment? Are you taking them for granted? What about them will you miss, if anything at all? I feel likk the people who get told this, generally don't care or mind if you walk out. Unless you are a main person in someones life we won't care that you left. In fact, we probably won't even have a hiccup in our life without you.

When being told this step back and think about what you have done to deserve this though. Its obvious this person is fed up and ready to leave, so what about you is this person tired of? What are your actions saying? do they differ from what you tell this person? You gotta take in all the facts when someone tells you this.

And if this is a person who you love and value, get right with them. Show them that yes you do miss them and want them back in your life. When dealing with people you care about, lose your pride. It will only fuck things up worse.

Its a difference between if a booty ckall tells you this or your wife. You have to know boundaries and have respect for the person. If you know that a person is easily angered over a subject don't constantly bring it up, especially if this is a person who you enjoy having conversations with. Make sense?

So in conclusion, know what you value, know your limits, know what type of people you want in your life and most importantly, keep a mutual respect. Where there's no respect, boundaries get crossed and people lose people. Either it was worth it or not, the ckhoicke is in your hands.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

R.I.P. Bigg Cuzzin

Shit gets deep when people you know and love pass away. Whether from another person or natural circumstances the shit hurts like no other pain. In fact, a natural death to me, hurts more than the rest of the types. I say this because at least if that person is hurt or killed you have someone to blame. With a natural death you don't have that.

It seams likk juss last week I was out chillin on the block wit my cuzzin, talking about life and where we came from. I remember seeing my cuzzin everyday at our drug classes nd then goin to smoke right after knowing we would get tested tomorrow. LOL, unfortunatley that was our legacy together.           We would chill, smoke and talk about life except now his journey has ended. We used to talk about how he wanted his own place and how his musiq was takin off and how much he enjoyed his designing nd shit. Its crazy that he's gone now.

I don't think it really has hit me like it will but it really makes me think. What could I have done to help my ckuddie out? what should I have done? I juss wish I could've had more time wit my bigg ckuzzin. Last time I seen him we was ckhillin talking bout how we gunna stunt in 2013. Now it looks like its juss me.

I know my family is going through it too. My prayers and support like always is with my family but especially my family immediate to him. I don't know how his mom is feeling or his siblings. That is the type of shit that really makes a family break down. I know no-one caused this but its the same hurt I feel.

My prayers are with my aunt and unckle but this doesn't mean this is the end of OUR lives. We must live on. We must succeed on as well. He had a son that will remember his dad and it is up to us (his family) to show him how to live as a man and to let him remember his father's image and spirit.


For ya who knows me and my family, or just think about us, all the prayer would help. Thanks.

Mr. 2900

Friday, November 9, 2012

Civil War

Civil War is in our history as a people and even more so recently. In the past 3 years we have seen the most civil violence that our world has ever seen. We have seen civil disobedience from Sudan, Lybia, Syria, and Iraq. In my religion these are the countries that border the "promised land" and I believe that is telling us all something. Its either telling us the end is near, when people from our own country, our own brothers and sisters, are fighting with each other and with actual hate. Or its telling us that we as a people are forgetting about the single most valuable thing when it comes to others: love and respect.

These civil wars are not only hurting us as a united people but also our earth and the way we think about each other. I remember when I was a kid my mom taught me if someone fucks with you, leave it be, but if they put they hands on you hit them back 10 times harder. Is this not what countries teach their citizens and soldiers? Don't cast the first stone, but if a stone hits you, fire back.

This logic is a self destructing outlook on things, especially when a problem is local enough to cause civil strife. The things that these countries fight most about is resources, money and political power. Are these things making us live day by day, yes. Everyone lives by the same rules, and poverty is everywhere however; no one keeps this in their mind. The ones in charge don't want to step down and the ones at the bottom aren't speaking up. And when speaking up they get fired on for speaking up.

Sometimes however War is needed. In situations where your leaders are conducting a mass murder or even your citizens are committing the crimes, you must stop this where it stands. My heart goes out to all of those in Pakistan Iran and Iraq who have had their leaders seeking to kill them. I strongly recommend, if your in a situation to where your leaders are killing your people off, a revolution. As Bob Marley said, "GET UP. STAND UP. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. GET UP STAND UP. DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT"


What I suggest for these countries is to appoint leaders in every county, uncurrupt and non-paid lead leaders, because lets face it, money speaks alot more louder then brokenness  I challenge these civil war countries to not worry about class, worry about structure, community service, and support. Don't exclude certain genders from activities and please respect each person as their own person. I understand religion plays a huge part of these different views but as a friend of mines said, "Allah does not command us to be extremists. He commands us to be modest and to live a balanced life. We must be modest and functional, not be burdened beyond our means. If something debilitates us from functioning normally, question its integrity."

I believe if people lived their lives with a natural love for each other we wouldn't see these civil wars. I say this because how could you murder your brother or sister that you love so dearly just because they want the same opportunities as you. What makes you better then them and how does that really relate to this situation.

I challenge everyone to find something that you love and hold onto it. Help your neighbor. If you live in any country going through a civil war I pray for you. My heart is crying out to the people of Syria right now as they go through this. You guys will make it through, and I'm sure with all of the UN support your officials will stop bombing your homes.



Friday, November 2, 2012

Get out and Vote

I think that everybody should get out and vote. Shit they even have mail in ballots too now, so there really ain't any reason to not vote. If everybody lived with that mentality that your vote doesn't matter, how would we get people to vote? What is driving your decision to vote or not? Did you guys forget that less then 200 years ago you didn't even have the option, meaning your great grands or great great grands couldn't vote. Only the white middle to upper class male could vote. Do you want to go back to these times? Everyone always talkin about how their vote doesn't matter and all that, but have ya taken a political science course? Have ya Google this? I have. This is what i now know.

Your vote matters for your state. Your vote is taken into account for the state that you live in. The more votes for one candidate per state is what represents you. Think about it. When the campaigns are going strong with commercials, showing the candidates points and shit they try to hit key states, not key cities. The people make up states, states make the union and the president represents the union of the states.

That is why you have republican or democratic states, and not cities. If you notice, in a democratic state you will see more Obama ads then Mitt Romney ads. That's because they know which states are key to the victory. So remember that your vote does count. It counts for your state. And really your state is the one that should matter, not the other ones. You don't pay those taxes nor do you live there.

In addition to this, its made this way because the more populated cities don't have more say then say a little town in Iowa. So to make it clear, it makes it an equal say for people in LA as well as people in South Park, Colorado.

So be happy that your state vote counts. Your individual vote carries onto your county and then to your state. Plus this is a privilege to vote. Right? When you commit a crime they take that right away. This shouldn't be taken lightly. I am a felon and what i think doesn't matter. My words hold no meaning when compared to a voter. Be proud. When you go to other countries, you don't have this right. If you lived in communist China, Your vote wouldn't matter. Would you rather live in a communist party or a democratic system where you can vote for the next world leader. Ckuz let's face it, OUR president essentially runs the world.

LOL the video though...




Thursday, November 1, 2012

Looking Forward

Is it bad that I don't want to be with my baby's mom? I know the statistics say that if we are together our child will have more opportunities but it wouldn't be in the best interest of the child, to be together. In addition to this I don't feel like I should have to put up with someone in my life that I don't want there.

Yes she is my baby's mother and she will be in my life for the rest of my life, but that doesn't mean we have to be together. I feel like our relationship now is perfect. We have good communication and we don't argue about most things. For me this is a challenge because it is BOTH of our child. Not just mines. This is all about compromise.

I figure she chose to keep it, so I get to choose the lifestyle. And by all means the lifestyle I am choosing for my child will be way different then then lifestyle I grew up with. My child will be raised in private schools, maybe charters, and in the church. Not like how I was. In addition to this, I will never keep my child away from they momma, just ckuz I know wassup when it comes to children. They are analyzers, they analyze before they react. If they see me disrespect they mom they will sit back until they are old enough to do the same.

So as far as opportunities go, I am paving the way for my little now and I will continue my success so my lil will have a great life. Me and the mom will be ckoo as long as we keep up good communication and keep people out of our business. Which will be harder for her then me. I know this will work with us as only friends and I hope other people will see this and know just because you have an accident, that doesn't always mean your life is as bad as you think.

You live. You learn. You adapt.