Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RIP Quincy Shea Coleman

First I want to say RIP to my nigga. We ain't forget you blood and I been keepin the hood on lock since you dropped my nigga. The hood ain't been the same either. Niggas is fake ass niggas nd snitckhin niggas stay tryin to tell the tale of bein real. You paved the way for the little niggas nd you won't ever be forgotten.

Now I want to set everyone straight. I did not know Q personally but we was rockin the same hood before he passed. I was up there at Barnett beatin niggas up for reppin the wrong hood and up at Cleveland knockin heads wit this nigga at homecoming. My nigga was a rider for real. Something these new generations have lost.

We grew up making it known where we are from and what we are going to do if you disrespect. This was all done on the streets nd in these sckoo. Runnin into other niggas sckoo juss to ckheck a false banger or a soufend nigga. These was the real nigga days. Now it seam everybody is a facebook banger or a twitter trapper. Nah homie, I rememmber the times when it was ten toes down till I hit the ground.

If you really aren't bout this life don't try to make it your life. This life is only built for the strong and the people who get raised in this lifestyle. If you're a sckoo boy, stick to the books. If you're an athlete stick to them athletics. Don't mix this lifestyle with yours. Likk they say, living likk this either get you locked up or in jail. That's ckuz either a nigga snitckhed or a real nigga trying to take your place. If this reality is something that you're scared of, then this ain't the life for you.

Please honor my nigga. If you dirt talk you'll lose some teeth, and thats on me. Honor him by being real to yourself. If you're with this shit and been with this shit, make it known and stop actin brand new when it comes to real hood shit. If you aren't with this shit leave it alone. You can make a better life for yourself.



Sometimes you have to let go of what you love to do for a better cause. This one is personal to me. I've been smoking kush since I was 7 years old and got my green card at 18. I have robbed people for their weed and have robbed to get weed. I have also sold kush which never worked because I smoke it. To me this is addiction. Addiction to a drug is unacceptable. I wouldn't describe it as a chemical addiction or anything likk that but a psychological addiction.

Yes I can go weeks or months without smoking but everyday its on my mind. Having an addiction, can and will hurt you in the long run, whether physical, emotional, or with your family. The people around you will notice first and thats when you should consider stop using the drug.

My father is an addict. He is addicted to crack, and I have seen first hand how an addiction will tear apart a family. Yes crack is way different then weed, but the addiction is the same. To celebrate you smoke, to cope with things you smoke, when you're bored you smoke and with anything else that comes up you smoke to it. You find yourself saying "let me juss smoke this real quick" before most activities in your life. The things you used to enjoy so much are now only fun if you smoke before you do them. That is an addiction.

Because I know that addiction runs in my family I will not make the same mistakes my dad did but I will better myself everyday. I know its hard to pull away from these thoughts but you must stay strong mentally. Distance yourself from people who remind you of that drug and never put yourself into a situation to where you might juss try it again.

I know addicts and my heart cries out for them. I have seen their lives broken down in front of their own eyes and it hurts me to see this. They will not see better change in their lives until they want to change. Yes the withdrawal effects are a bitch nd I can see how it might make them relapse but you have to stay mentally strong. Keep in mind that you are going thru this because your body is gettin all that nasty shit out. Surround yourself with people who don't use and will support you. These people will be your safe haven.

I pray for us all who struggle with addiction and I hope we can all find our reasons to break that addictive spirit. I know the journey won't be easy but think about your family, or friends, or whatever you have to live for. If you can't find anything to live for, I pray that you will. If you ever need support, please contact me and you can consider me a supporter for change.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Education is ckrazy, in how it shift your way of life or thought process. When presented with valid information it is up to you to either absorb it or to dismiss is, in which case that makes you stupid. Literally. 

in definition stupid means to have knowlege but act in the way as if you didn't have it, ie: ignore the fruits of your mind.

Ignorance is not having knowledge about a certain thi
ng so therefore knows no other alternative.

I ckhallenge you all to accept education as it comes. Whether from school, reading on the internet, or just life experiences. Don't ignore positiveness instead embrace it.

With knowledge comes power. not only power over your own mind but then with that knowledge please use it to your advantage.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

To My Supporters

Thank you for all those who support me, the journey will be long and rough but I am a man about my responsibilities and i will show you all now.

I preackh alot of positiveness day by day and although in my life things may not always be positive i try to always stick to what i tell people. i find it an outrage on behalf of myself if i become a hypocrite.

I have preackhed motivation, and how 
to use ur motivation to do better for ur life as well as for your peers.

I will now show you all how to be a motivated parent. I can not speak on a life that i know nothing about and i want to hear from my other parents how ya dealt with pregnancy and adjusted to life with your ckhild.

I hope one day i ckan be an example on how to live a good parental life.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

National Gangs

When folks mess with Americans, we go after them: Barack Obama.

In all reality gangs are an everyday way of life. Whether its streets gangs, political, or religious. We have grown accustomed to the way gangs think. Protect our own, do good for our community, and whoever steps on our toes, gets the business. Is this not what we tell our friends in elementary? When we get to high school? And doesn't Obama say it every time he brings up foreign policy? We value community and safety but don't value the smaller communities diversity.

When you are young you tell your friends, "I always have you back; you're my nigga. (homeboy, associate) " Then what happens when they fight? You fight. You guys are just preparing yourself for what follows in the next coming years. Yes, this may be different from culture to culture but it is in our history as people not to let things that anger us slide. The Buddhist in China aren't naturally going to start a war in India with the Gandhi people, sorry I don't know what that religion is called, but I bet if  the Ghanaian people came beefing that would start a religious war within those areas. Just as we see in the Middle East.

As people hold different values they take offense at different levels. Think of these religious clicks as gangs, because they offer the same consequences, right? Believe in us and we will give you a better life, fuck with us we will leave your ass in the dust.

This has been proven in our history as a people and yet when asked about street gangs people are shocked at the civil violence. Aren't we just mimicking what we see in our world? We got bombed here in the US and what did we do? Retaliation. What happened when someone from the soufend shot one of my niggas in the CD? We retaliated.

Do not blame street gangs for the violence in our country, since we are mimicking whats happening on a global scale. The reason why it seams so bad locally is because the problem is a local problem and not an international problem.

We are at war against terrorism yet we are terrorizing ourselves. How can we change as a people if we don't address the problems we have locally. Meaning as a country we can not be so fast to jump while telling our citizens that we can not act the same way. It makes us all hypocrites to our own values and gives other countries such as Iran and Iraq to look at us in the same way. How can we tell them to be peaceful if we have local civil wars here everyday.

Be the change that you want to see in your community so that others can learn from you and replicate that behavior.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whats Real For You May Not Be Real For Me

So I've noticed that everyone thinks that they are real when they are some of the fakest people I know. This really irritates me because I try to get people to think positive and be real with themselves before they address others. This way when addressing an issue you can see it from all points of view. In addition to this just because you are being real with yourself doesn't mean that is real to me.

When being real with people you have to come at them with an unbiased view. You can't try to influence someone with your forceful thoughts, only by love and care. Fore real, if you come at me telling me what you think I should do and all that I'll be less willing to do that, but if you suggested a better decision and described why its a better choice I will be more inclined to that idea. You have to be aware that they may get hurt by what you say as to not offend, and not get your point heard.

Also if you put your opinion into play you are opening yourself up for judgement. Whoever you are trying to address will start noticing this and eventually point that out to you and again your message won't be heard.

So try remembering when being real with someone that, their real may not be yours. and to take into account that they may be sensitive to their truths. Don't be so fast to judge and always look at yourself before pointing the finger.

Monday, October 22, 2012

EMT: Don't let broke people bring you down

If they aint money motivated or have something going for them they will hate on any and all ur finacial success. real shit.

if you have a job and focused on that job you will see your free time slowly diminish. not because you are gettin more busy but you are just that more focused. you are being exactly wat you should be and putting your money first ove
r kicking it is part of growing up.

Dont believe me? look at your parents, or if you are a parent look at your life. When you was a teen just going to sckoo maybe a part time job or hustlin you had alot of free time, but once college came or a full time job or even a fat lick, you saw less time to kick it , more time to make something of yourself.

Go with that thought. Now you feel likk you are on the right path but then someone wants to get mad at you for handling your business. in my opinion i say, fuck em. that person is clearly in the way of you and your priorities and it is up to you not to get distracted. sometimes these people may be family or even friends that you've known for years. When these people see that you are doing well they want what you have.

I wouldnt call them a leach because they may not want anything from you, they just want your attention, or distract you from doing wat you need to do. Watch out for these people because they are the lowkey haters, worst kind to me. they will feed off your success until they are at a position to tear you down emotionally or mentally.

Keep your mind strong, pockets fat and eyes on the prize. dont let people with little going for them stop you from persuing your dreams, ambitions, goals,and the life that you see for yourself. be the change you want to see in the world and dont let people stand in your way, even if they only want "some time"

until next time,
Mr. 2900

Friday, October 19, 2012

EMT: Don't Let Life Pass You By

In life there are 2 things in common, we don't have all the answers and we all die. None of us are immortal and we have all experienced times of hardship. It is up to us to leave a legacy to be proud of and to make way for the coming generations.

I'll give you an example. I have some felonies, but I won't let that be what I leave behind. I have a child on the way and what opportunities can I give my child if I'm stuck in that mindset? None. To change that I have gotten involved with felony advocates here in Seattle. That is the legacy I want to leave, "By changing my own life I can affect those around me, positively. By breaking down the walls that constricts felons back to recidivism, we can all have a better tomorrow"

We have to look to the future, look to our elders and think "What did they leave behind for me? How did what they did, help me get to where I am?" And it may not be direct help to you but for your situation. Now look back to your lil brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. What do you want to leave for them? Do you want to leave your son in this world knowing his father had all these enemies trying to come after him or do you want your son to grow up knowing he has a good future ahead of him?

The natural life cycle consists of birth, brain development, slow deterioration, then death. This is the same for all animals. Do not fear death. This is the natural flow of things. Make out with the old and take in the new. Think of life as your closet. You wouldn't wear the same shit you wore when you were 5, now you have a sense of fashion, whatever that means to you, and the things that made sense then don't now. This is the same with people.

But there are somethings to look forward to if you have a near death experience and live. In most cases that occur with these experiences you will then experience the following: Your life will flash before your eyes and you will be able to see and remember for a short while all your life and this will enlighten your mind. The next thing is seeing "the light" at the end of a black tunnel. From most cases if it isn't your time you will see a figure telling you to go back. This figure is unclear. Another thing is you seeing familiar figures. Some think that the figure telling you to turn back is a later you, but that is not confirmed. The final thing is to have "out of body" experiences. This is like a hallucinogenic drug. You will be able to see yourself as others are trying to bring you back to life. You will be able to describe things to people that was occurring during this time while you are "dead" and damn is that freaky lol.

Point of all of this, embrace life how you have it, live to make a better tomorrow. Leave a legacy and make out with the old and embrace the new. Leave opportunities for following generations and always live life like that may be your last day.

Follow the link for my inspiration. RIP Steve Jobs

Thursday, October 18, 2012

EMT 10/16/12

EMT (Early Morning Thoughts): 
When i talk to people they take offense. Not because what i say but how i say it. I dont think the way i say something should matter if you get the message. 

I'm tired of people sayin the way i talk to people is rude. obviously they r talking to me ckuz they know they r gunna get the truth. it is not my fault that it hurts some of you. Anyone of ya can tell me the tr

uth in a sugar coated way or not nd i can and will take it. I feel like if u cant take the truth about urself how can you speak on other people's lives?

Furthermore, if i offend you by speaking the truth then re-evaluate you life and game plan. i've done it many times and thats y i say wat i feel. I will never apologize for the shit i have said or the way i said those things.

Yes, there are times i say things that i dont mean but never in anger. I will never try to make someone feel bad because of the way im feeling and if u feel like i did that ckall me out on it. i can handle it.

so in conclusion, do not take offense to my honesty, for which i give i will receive. I feel likk i am doing you all a favor for being honest and if you cant see that then i hope one day you will. I hope ya ckan also be honest with me. I know the way things come out may be rude but if it hits home for you, then it must have some impact on your life. i dont say things to be rude and i wont apologize for wat i say. its up to you to take that feedback and do something with it. Or not. The choice is up to you.

Happy Tuesday. Everyone watch for that Trap God, droppin tomorrow from Gucci Mane