Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

R.I.P. Bigg Cuzzin

Shit gets deep when people you know and love pass away. Whether from another person or natural circumstances the shit hurts like no other pain. In fact, a natural death to me, hurts more than the rest of the types. I say this because at least if that person is hurt or killed you have someone to blame. With a natural death you don't have that.

It seams likk juss last week I was out chillin on the block wit my cuzzin, talking about life and where we came from. I remember seeing my cuzzin everyday at our drug classes nd then goin to smoke right after knowing we would get tested tomorrow. LOL, unfortunatley that was our legacy together.           We would chill, smoke and talk about life except now his journey has ended. We used to talk about how he wanted his own place and how his musiq was takin off and how much he enjoyed his designing nd shit. Its crazy that he's gone now.

I don't think it really has hit me like it will but it really makes me think. What could I have done to help my ckuddie out? what should I have done? I juss wish I could've had more time wit my bigg ckuzzin. Last time I seen him we was ckhillin talking bout how we gunna stunt in 2013. Now it looks like its juss me.

I know my family is going through it too. My prayers and support like always is with my family but especially my family immediate to him. I don't know how his mom is feeling or his siblings. That is the type of shit that really makes a family break down. I know no-one caused this but its the same hurt I feel.

My prayers are with my aunt and unckle but this doesn't mean this is the end of OUR lives. We must live on. We must succeed on as well. He had a son that will remember his dad and it is up to us (his family) to show him how to live as a man and to let him remember his father's image and spirit.


For ya who knows me and my family, or just think about us, all the prayer would help. Thanks.

Mr. 2900

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  1. aww man, youre related to nala? Yes i heard about a family member of hers passing, it hurts to know someone going through this, i know what it feels like, i have lost too many people.