Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Civil War

Civil War is in our history as a people and even more so recently. In the past 3 years we have seen the most civil violence that our world has ever seen. We have seen civil disobedience from Sudan, Lybia, Syria, and Iraq. In my religion these are the countries that border the "promised land" and I believe that is telling us all something. Its either telling us the end is near, when people from our own country, our own brothers and sisters, are fighting with each other and with actual hate. Or its telling us that we as a people are forgetting about the single most valuable thing when it comes to others: love and respect.

These civil wars are not only hurting us as a united people but also our earth and the way we think about each other. I remember when I was a kid my mom taught me if someone fucks with you, leave it be, but if they put they hands on you hit them back 10 times harder. Is this not what countries teach their citizens and soldiers? Don't cast the first stone, but if a stone hits you, fire back.

This logic is a self destructing outlook on things, especially when a problem is local enough to cause civil strife. The things that these countries fight most about is resources, money and political power. Are these things making us live day by day, yes. Everyone lives by the same rules, and poverty is everywhere however; no one keeps this in their mind. The ones in charge don't want to step down and the ones at the bottom aren't speaking up. And when speaking up they get fired on for speaking up.

Sometimes however War is needed. In situations where your leaders are conducting a mass murder or even your citizens are committing the crimes, you must stop this where it stands. My heart goes out to all of those in Pakistan Iran and Iraq who have had their leaders seeking to kill them. I strongly recommend, if your in a situation to where your leaders are killing your people off, a revolution. As Bob Marley said, "GET UP. STAND UP. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. GET UP STAND UP. DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT"


What I suggest for these countries is to appoint leaders in every county, uncurrupt and non-paid lead leaders, because lets face it, money speaks alot more louder then brokenness  I challenge these civil war countries to not worry about class, worry about structure, community service, and support. Don't exclude certain genders from activities and please respect each person as their own person. I understand religion plays a huge part of these different views but as a friend of mines said, "Allah does not command us to be extremists. He commands us to be modest and to live a balanced life. We must be modest and functional, not be burdened beyond our means. If something debilitates us from functioning normally, question its integrity."

I believe if people lived their lives with a natural love for each other we wouldn't see these civil wars. I say this because how could you murder your brother or sister that you love so dearly just because they want the same opportunities as you. What makes you better then them and how does that really relate to this situation.

I challenge everyone to find something that you love and hold onto it. Help your neighbor. If you live in any country going through a civil war I pray for you. My heart is crying out to the people of Syria right now as they go through this. You guys will make it through, and I'm sure with all of the UN support your officials will stop bombing your homes.



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