Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Get out and Vote

I think that everybody should get out and vote. Shit they even have mail in ballots too now, so there really ain't any reason to not vote. If everybody lived with that mentality that your vote doesn't matter, how would we get people to vote? What is driving your decision to vote or not? Did you guys forget that less then 200 years ago you didn't even have the option, meaning your great grands or great great grands couldn't vote. Only the white middle to upper class male could vote. Do you want to go back to these times? Everyone always talkin about how their vote doesn't matter and all that, but have ya taken a political science course? Have ya Google this? I have. This is what i now know.

Your vote matters for your state. Your vote is taken into account for the state that you live in. The more votes for one candidate per state is what represents you. Think about it. When the campaigns are going strong with commercials, showing the candidates points and shit they try to hit key states, not key cities. The people make up states, states make the union and the president represents the union of the states.

That is why you have republican or democratic states, and not cities. If you notice, in a democratic state you will see more Obama ads then Mitt Romney ads. That's because they know which states are key to the victory. So remember that your vote does count. It counts for your state. And really your state is the one that should matter, not the other ones. You don't pay those taxes nor do you live there.

In addition to this, its made this way because the more populated cities don't have more say then say a little town in Iowa. So to make it clear, it makes it an equal say for people in LA as well as people in South Park, Colorado.

So be happy that your state vote counts. Your individual vote carries onto your county and then to your state. Plus this is a privilege to vote. Right? When you commit a crime they take that right away. This shouldn't be taken lightly. I am a felon and what i think doesn't matter. My words hold no meaning when compared to a voter. Be proud. When you go to other countries, you don't have this right. If you lived in communist China, Your vote wouldn't matter. Would you rather live in a communist party or a democratic system where you can vote for the next world leader. Ckuz let's face it, OUR president essentially runs the world.

LOL the video though...




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