Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Monday, October 22, 2012

EMT: Don't let broke people bring you down

If they aint money motivated or have something going for them they will hate on any and all ur finacial success. real shit.

if you have a job and focused on that job you will see your free time slowly diminish. not because you are gettin more busy but you are just that more focused. you are being exactly wat you should be and putting your money first ove
r kicking it is part of growing up.

Dont believe me? look at your parents, or if you are a parent look at your life. When you was a teen just going to sckoo maybe a part time job or hustlin you had alot of free time, but once college came or a full time job or even a fat lick, you saw less time to kick it , more time to make something of yourself.

Go with that thought. Now you feel likk you are on the right path but then someone wants to get mad at you for handling your business. in my opinion i say, fuck em. that person is clearly in the way of you and your priorities and it is up to you not to get distracted. sometimes these people may be family or even friends that you've known for years. When these people see that you are doing well they want what you have.

I wouldnt call them a leach because they may not want anything from you, they just want your attention, or distract you from doing wat you need to do. Watch out for these people because they are the lowkey haters, worst kind to me. they will feed off your success until they are at a position to tear you down emotionally or mentally.

Keep your mind strong, pockets fat and eyes on the prize. dont let people with little going for them stop you from persuing your dreams, ambitions, goals,and the life that you see for yourself. be the change you want to see in the world and dont let people stand in your way, even if they only want "some time"

until next time,
Mr. 2900

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