Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sometimes you have to let go of what you love to do for a better cause. This one is personal to me. I've been smoking kush since I was 7 years old and got my green card at 18. I have robbed people for their weed and have robbed to get weed. I have also sold kush which never worked because I smoke it. To me this is addiction. Addiction to a drug is unacceptable. I wouldn't describe it as a chemical addiction or anything likk that but a psychological addiction.

Yes I can go weeks or months without smoking but everyday its on my mind. Having an addiction, can and will hurt you in the long run, whether physical, emotional, or with your family. The people around you will notice first and thats when you should consider stop using the drug.

My father is an addict. He is addicted to crack, and I have seen first hand how an addiction will tear apart a family. Yes crack is way different then weed, but the addiction is the same. To celebrate you smoke, to cope with things you smoke, when you're bored you smoke and with anything else that comes up you smoke to it. You find yourself saying "let me juss smoke this real quick" before most activities in your life. The things you used to enjoy so much are now only fun if you smoke before you do them. That is an addiction.

Because I know that addiction runs in my family I will not make the same mistakes my dad did but I will better myself everyday. I know its hard to pull away from these thoughts but you must stay strong mentally. Distance yourself from people who remind you of that drug and never put yourself into a situation to where you might juss try it again.

I know addicts and my heart cries out for them. I have seen their lives broken down in front of their own eyes and it hurts me to see this. They will not see better change in their lives until they want to change. Yes the withdrawal effects are a bitch nd I can see how it might make them relapse but you have to stay mentally strong. Keep in mind that you are going thru this because your body is gettin all that nasty shit out. Surround yourself with people who don't use and will support you. These people will be your safe haven.

I pray for us all who struggle with addiction and I hope we can all find our reasons to break that addictive spirit. I know the journey won't be easy but think about your family, or friends, or whatever you have to live for. If you can't find anything to live for, I pray that you will. If you ever need support, please contact me and you can consider me a supporter for change.

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