Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Thursday, October 18, 2012

EMT 10/16/12

EMT (Early Morning Thoughts): 
When i talk to people they take offense. Not because what i say but how i say it. I dont think the way i say something should matter if you get the message. 

I'm tired of people sayin the way i talk to people is rude. obviously they r talking to me ckuz they know they r gunna get the truth. it is not my fault that it hurts some of you. Anyone of ya can tell me the tr

uth in a sugar coated way or not nd i can and will take it. I feel like if u cant take the truth about urself how can you speak on other people's lives?

Furthermore, if i offend you by speaking the truth then re-evaluate you life and game plan. i've done it many times and thats y i say wat i feel. I will never apologize for the shit i have said or the way i said those things.

Yes, there are times i say things that i dont mean but never in anger. I will never try to make someone feel bad because of the way im feeling and if u feel like i did that ckall me out on it. i can handle it.

so in conclusion, do not take offense to my honesty, for which i give i will receive. I feel likk i am doing you all a favor for being honest and if you cant see that then i hope one day you will. I hope ya ckan also be honest with me. I know the way things come out may be rude but if it hits home for you, then it must have some impact on your life. i dont say things to be rude and i wont apologize for wat i say. its up to you to take that feedback and do something with it. Or not. The choice is up to you.

Happy Tuesday. Everyone watch for that Trap God, droppin tomorrow from Gucci Mane

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