Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

R.I.P. children of Sandy Hook

There is a lot of speculation about what went down on December 14th, 2012 in NewTown, Connecticut. There are a lot of rumors of it didn't happen or the government is behind the attack. Personally, I believe it was a staged or planned event on our government agenda.

With that being said, I know the shooting took place. There is no doubt in my mind that we lost 27 innocent people that day, 20 of them children. I am truly sorry for the losses that families had to deal with and the grief that their community is dealing with. I am also sorry that your families and tragedy has been exploited to this extent. - Even though this blog is sure to exploit even more. I apologize for this however, I feel like there are things still left unsaid.

I know the killings did take place on that date. I also know that deaths are very real. There is information out there to prove this to you, including a list of victims who were shot dead that morning. There is also the dead bodies and funerals that have taken place.

However knowing this makes me think, what was the motive to kill a bunch of kids, why did the media lie and continue to lie, where are the other kids at this moment, where are the staff, why did we think it was Ryan and he hasn't seen his brother in year, and why haven't we still been able to see a picture of the killer.? All of those questions need answers. And the media is pretty good about getting those answers. Why not for this mass shooting. The media was able to do this with the Theatre shooting, Osama, and even that guy who shot the Arizona senator.

I believe that this was set up to get the attention of Americans and to make us fear guns and what they can do. I believe this because, there was no motive. This was too planned out for their to be no known motive and for him to be covered in armor. We seen this with the Aurora shooting. The shooter was in protective armor for what? I think because he knew he was going into a setting where people may have possession of a concealed firearm. As we seen as the conclusion neared, once he was done he and ready to leave he did not kill himself nor did he shoot at officers. Was this because he wants to go to trial and fight for freedom or because he was then on the other side of the barrel. Who know.

Another reason I believe this was a set up is because there are no REAL accounts of what happened. All of the accounts of the shooting come from people who either weren't at the school when it happened or that same little boy and girl saying "it sounded like someone was kicking the door really hard" and "like cans falling from a shelf"

I've shot an assault rifle before, and it doesn't sound like cans falling it sounds more like a mini boom. I've also shot handguns before. Those may sound like cans falling or doors being kicked but didn't the medical examiner and police confirm that the weapon used for the shooting was the Bushmaster .223. Which brings me to the thought of, how did the medical examiner do an autopsy, come on national TV, and tell us that the bodies were shot with a high velocity long barrel gun, agreeing that it was in fact the bushmaster  then telling us he has extensive knowledge of guns unlike other authorities  then hours later we see, on national TV, that they are pulling the assault rifle out of the trunk of the car. That doesn't add up.

In addition to his miscommunication, it is the medias job to ask these question and gather interviews. Why have we only heard from a few people  Also why haven't we seen any photos or video of any older kids leaving the school or comforted by families? Sandy Hook Elementary teaches kids from k-6 grades yet I haven't heard nor seen not one interview from an older child. The still photo of the 1st graders is the only photo showing an evacuation. Also with older kids in 6th grade aren't they approaching the Facebook phase of their lives? Or at least Myspace? Why haven't ANY of them been interviewed? Or posted about it? Or why don't they have any younger relatives? In each case that a child had a relative the showed a photo of the slain child with younger relatives. Is this because the government knows that the children in the higher grades will speak on what really occurred or was this an early Christmas holiday for them?

Where are the interviews of the surrounding area? In my experience with school lock downs and and school shootings, the media goes door to door asking people if they have seen or heard anything. This did not take place with this shooting.

One last thing that I will point out, how did this neighbor guy find the kids in HIS driveway with a school bus driver, after the shooting took place. First of all WHO was the school bus driver and why was they there with the kids. Where did this driver disappear off to once the neighbor came outside? And how did those kids from Miss Soto's class escape out of the classroom with a dead body, into the hallways were the shooter was apparently  down the road to Gene's house, then finding a bus driver? I thought the school was under lock down, and the police were on the way? Did nobody see 6 little kids running through the halls and down the road? Seams kind of suspect to me.

Lastly, what was the point of staging this horrendous scene? Gun control. I will continue on this topic in future posts. But for now I encourage all of you to do your own research on this matter. Research what was the events that led up to this, and who would benefit from a new gun proposal laws.

Let me know your thoughts on this so I can have a better perspective. Follow up Monday for more about this issue and what we have at stake if new gun control legislation comes to pass. View these videos below for some compelling evidence. You can make you own inferences, this is just my own.

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