Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally

Spreading Peace Love and Happiness Globally
RIP to the man who always spread a positive message of togetherness

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays

   I want to send out all my holiday wishes,l whether you celebrate Christmas  chanukah  quanza  or anything else you may celebrate  This is the time to think about your life and where you want to be. During this past month you should've spent it with loved ones and if you didn't you may have missed out on some good times. I know not everyone gets along with their families but during this season its good to have people around who love and care for you.

This is the time to think about what you could've done better over this last year and to start planning to be better.I see all of these New Years posts saying how they are going to change and how 2013 is that year, but what has kept you from doing better until now? I challenge all of my readers to look over this past year and think about what could've went better and how you could've contributed to the success. Please remember the ones that have fallen this year and don't forget them.

Going into this new year plan ahead. We as a country, US, need to plan ahead. We are going into yet another recession because our lawmakers are acting like kids about their money. (we all should have the same taxes no matter how much you make. Poor families shouldn't get taxed a higher percentage then the rich ones. simple as that) But we have to plan for our futures. Educate yourself. Reach out to others. Build better communities. And most importantly show each other love.

This year will be big in all of our lives. No matter what region of the Earth you live in. We have Civil wars in the Mid-East, N. Koreans blasting missiles  Russians not backing up their allies and just an overwhelming amount of hate is filling the world. I beg everyone to take that 1 extra step to make their communities better. We could see significant change in our world if we loved our neighbor as ourselves.

Also this year will test our mental abilities. We are now in a situations where we are challenging dogma. We are now where our politicians think about themselves not the people, and the people are standing up. This year be better then the last, write out some resolutions and stick to them. Remind yourself everyday that today could be my last day and do what you love to do.

Leave a legacy when you leave this Earth, just make sure that legacy is something you want to be known for. 2013 will separate the weak minded from the strong, the money lovers and people lovers. I pray you all have a safe, fun and blessed New Year.

Mr. 2900

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